The “First Dance” between bride and groom is so very special. Having your own first dance to that special song will bring special meaning to both of you when you look back on that special day of when you learned to dance together as Husband and Wife.

What you will need to consider:

    1. Allow enough time to learn your dance. It will take approximately 4-8 lessons. I recommend learning 6 months before your wedding date to alleviate any stress. Learning the month before a wedding is so very stressful on both parties due to all special occasions/events you will need to attend and/or plan. One can purchase 4 private lessons at a time and if more are needed, then you can purchase additional lessons.
    2. The size of the dance floor, the bride’s heels, the wedding song and her dress – these all play a big factor when choreographing your “First Dance”.

Thank you for your interest in dancing, and remember,

Keep on Dancing with
Annette at Smooth Dancer Ballroom Studio!!!