About_ShoesAbout Annette

At the early age of 5, I began taking ballet lessons. I remember as a little girl, I would jump and twirl around the den floor and always asking my mom to watch me dance. With enthusiasm, she decided to enroll me in ballet lessons with the well-known Prima Ballerina, Lelia Haller.

As years progressed into my teen years, I expanded my dancing interests in jazz and tap with Tony Bevenito. In my first recital with Mr. Bevenito, I danced to “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”. In combination with all of my training and during the summer months of 1971 and 1972, I enrolled in dance lessons with the “American Ballet Theatre” Ballet Dance School in New York (and oh, what an exciting time in my life that was). I continued my ballet training as a form of exercise throughout my adult life. Dancing ballet and jazz has helped me to develop poise, elegance and most of all self-confidence and discipline throughout my life and the courage and self-confidence to be independent and to obtain my goals and dreams.

In my adult life, I wanted to do more dancing, and not just ballet classes for exercises. Therefore, I enrolled with a friend to take ballroom dance lessons. My first instructor was Glenn Mallagari with Studio 734, owned and directed by Victoria Sanders and Shane Carroll. As I fell in love with ballroom dancing, I decided to take it to the next level, which was to become an instructor achieving my Bronze Certification in 1998. My main goal was to teach couples how to dance for fun and to have something to share together throughout their lives. I continue my dance training yearly with some of the Top World Pros in Ballroom.

Dancing and teaching in my hometown, New Orleans, was my dream. I worked as a legal secretary-paralegal for many years and taught ballroom dancing during the evenings and on weekends. I truly loved sharing my knowledge of dancing with everyone and watching my students learn and achieve their dancing dreams.

With a background in sports from track to tennis to racquetball and working out, I connect the practices of athletics to the skill of dancing. As in any sport, one learns the basics first and then one practices and practices in order to achieve one’s goal. “You crawl before you walk before you run.”

I came to Houston in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina. Many good things came true after Hurricane Katrina, I got married and Houston became my second home. In April of 2007, my second dream finally came true – I opened my own dance studio known as “Smooth Dancer Ballroom Studio” located on Bay Area Blvd. In August of 2014, I moved my studio to the Clear Lake Sports and Recreational Center for more space and many other benefits. My students and I truly love the facility.

Thank you for your interest in dancing, and remember,

Keep on Dancing with
Annette at Smooth Dancer Ballroom Studio!!!